Dropr – Dropbox Plugin


EAD Intro

Dropr lets you access files from your Dropbox account and help you to add them straight to your WordPress website. Securely and safely.

What makes Dropr stands out is the way it handles different type of files. If you choose an image file, your will get a friendly interface to add it into content editor just like WordPress’ default Media Library. If you choose a document Dropr will ask you if you want to embed it to your website using Google Docs Viewer. Dropr also comes with a Download Button customizer for the files you want to put out for free downloads

Dropr uses Dropbox Chooser API to let users interact with their Dropbox account.

What Dropr does?

1. Helps you to Upload files to your Dropbox account

You can easily upload files to your Dropbox by dragging and dropping the files to the window. Files will be instantly uploaded.

2. Add files from your Dropbox

Choose any file to be inserted into your website from the pop out window. If the file is an image file you will get features like adding title, alt, link options before adding into the website. If the file is a document type (PDF, Word, PPT, XLS) you can embed them easily using Google Docs Viewer or Microsoft Office Online services. You can also add other file types with Download buttons.

Why to use Dropbox to host your files?