Drivr – Google Drive Plugin


1. Can I remove download/popout buttons from the embed?

Unfortunately we do not have the privilege to alter any features and options that comes by default with the Google Drive Embed, including the download button.

2. Google Drive popup shows an error.

Usually errors show up when the API settings are not configured properly. In that case, please double-check the API configurations with the steps. Make sure you have enabled Drive API and Google Picker API in API Manager. If it’s still not working, try generating a new API key and client ID.

Common Errors

1. The API developer key is invalid: One of the reason that causes this error is the URL format of ‘HTTP Referrer’ you have submitted in Browser API Key section. Use wildcards to make sure it works perfectly throughout the website. If your website is http://example.com, enter *.example.com/* as HTTP Referrer, without the ‘http://’ protocol

2. Error 400 – origin_mismatch: Double checking the ‘Javascript Origin URL’ you have submitted for ‘Client ID’ would usually solve this issue. Unlike the HTTP Referrer URL, you cannot use any wildcards here and it must contain the ‘http’ protocol. If you are using this plugin on http://news.example.com/, enter http://news.example.com as Javascript Origin URL, without the trailing slash ‘/’.

NOTE: Any change you make in the API settings may take 5 to 10 minutes to reflect in your website.

3. How to make the files public?

Making a file public:

Making a folder public:

Getting Started